More Single Than Nuns is Moving

Note to Self: Tell the gang we’re moving the blog to

Dear Self: You just did.

That’s right, Happy Hatters, I’m moving and shaking things up for the New Year.  I’ll be creating a bigger website to consolidate my 3 on-line ports o’ call- MSTN, The Positivibee and my writing/creating site TheJenSmith.  So expect some big changes for January and while things are in development feel free to pop in at to say Hi and check for updates.

As for our usual Monday Attitude of Gratitude, I’ll be moving those to Twitter for the next two weeks so be sure to join me there and if you don’t have a twitter account…. wait, what? You don’t have a Twitter account? My dad has a Twitter account it’s about time you did, too.  If it’s really not for you, not to fret, you can pop over to the JenSmith site and leave your comments there while we’re under construction. Just know that it’s a work in progress so not overly shiny and new just yet.

So with that said, have very Happy Holidays to you and yours and here’s to a fantabulous 2013!

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Attitude of Gratitude

Happy December!

Can you believe it?  Well, my knitting hands can sure believe it as I’ve been workin’ ‘em to the bone trying to get my Yuletide treasures finished in a timely fashion.  I can’t wait to break out my Mrs. Claus hat and start spreading that Christmas Cheer! A great way to begin is by playing a little AofG and … good news, here we are! I’ll start:

1.  I am grateful for Libraries.  I got possibly the best book on spreading the good feelings of the season this weekend.  I finished it in one sitting loving every word of it.  And now I’ll tell you what it is: Being Santa Claus by Sal Lizard. This man is awesome.  I’ll be doing a more detailed post about the book on my Positivibee site soon and will let you know when.  In the meantime, do go get it and spread the word!

2.  I am grateful for time spent with the nephews.  We have so much fun and now one of them is on Pottermore, too!  Online shenanigans and Wizard Duels galore! Weee!

3.  I am grateful for fellow geeky crafters.  I participated ina craft swap with other HP super fans and in I received 2 great HP themed ornaments for my Christmas tree. So fun!

Ok gang, your turn.  What’s in your Positivity Pocket this week?

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Note to Self

There is no such thing as a Masters Degree in Pinterest Pinning.

(Is there?)


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